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Ken is a rising third-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, studying Molecular & Cell Biology and Computer Science. He co-founded and led the Berkeley Yang Gang—growing it to the largest and most dedicated college Yang Gang in the United States. In his free time, he likes to hike, read fantasy novels, and make memes.

Ken Hinh

Operations Lead


Michael is a rising third-year undergraduate student at Stanford, studying Mathematical & Computational Science. He has conducted AI research at leading university & industry R&D labs and built numerous full-stack applications (for exhaustive list, see In his free time, he listens to Chinese love songs and binges dystopian sci-fi shows. His favorite dessert is black coffee.

Michael Sun

Team Lead


Kyler Nelson

Backend Dev

Kyler Nelson is a recent graduate of Bethel Tech, who studied fullstack development. For over two years, he's 3D modeled products that were used by fortune 500 oil companies. In addition to that, he’s worked as a QA specialist reporting over 500+ bugs for a game called invisigun reloaded. He excels at troubleshooting and create unique solutions to any challenge he's faced with. He has a strong drive for creating smooth and seamless experiences for software users. In his free time, he enjoys going out on long backing trips and playing puzzle and rhythm games.

Alex Li

Dev Lead

Alex is a Frontend developer at an early-stage fintech startup. He completed his degree in Computer Science at San Francisco State University and has since directed his career toward his passion for creating delightful experiences for end users. He has developed for multiple industries from indie games, to ecommerce, as well as non-profit organizations. He enjoys falling asleep to audiobooks, accidentally stumbling upon good music, and traveling abroad with no more than two other persons.

Brian is a rising Junior at Duke University majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is currently interning as a software engineer for UnitedHealth Group and has experience in both mobile and web development. In his free time, Brian enjoys working out, playing basketball, and chilling with cats. 

Brian Li

Backend Developer

arnav's photo.jpg

Arnav Gulati is a third year at UC Berkeley studying data science and computer science. His focus in research and in academics has been on machine learning and has experience with data science, ML/DL techniques, and some frontend development. He excels at learning things quickly and ideating / building real products. In his free time, he plays lots of Golf, watches the Office, and listens to jazz.

Arnav Gulati

R&D Developer


Jaytee is a Front End Developer and Lambda School alumnus. Having held various roles within the tech industry, he enjoys finding ways to combine his past experiences to tackle new challenges via creative solutions. In his free time, he likes skateboarding, filming and editing videos, and playing video games with his best buds.

Jaytee Padilla

Frontend Lead

daniel tom.jpg

Daniel is a rising Sophomore at UC Berkeley studying economics. He is currently working at California Management Review, a Haas affiliated peer-reviewed academic journal, as an Administrative Assistant. In his freetime, he enjoys staying active by playing sports, exploring the wilderness, or working out. He is also a huge bay-area sports fan.

Daniel Tom

Business Analyst


Brian Xu

Marketing Manager

Brian is a rising high school senior from Portland, Oregon whose interests lie in the intersection of math and politics. He is invested in public advocacy and service as he runs the student-led educational nonprofit Students Tutor Students and organizes for the Oregon Youth Climate Strike. His dream is to one day bring his skills in STEM to use in the political world. Outside of work and study, he loves playing basketball, watching anime, and reading political theory.

jackd angermond.png

Jack Dangremond

Backend Developer

Jack is a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with an undergraduate degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. He started his career in themed entertainment as a Controls Integrator at TAIT Towers up until COVID-19 wiped out the industry. With extra time to read, listen, and reflect, he has decided to pursue a Masters in Public Interest Technology from ASU. In his free time, he loves listening to music and podcasts, reading, and giving as much attention as he can to his three dogs.


Alan is a rising Sophomore at UC Berkeley studying computer science. Over the past six years he has provided hundreds of hours of volunteer work in his city teaching martial arts and music.  He is always eager to learn new skills and to challenge himself in some way.  Some of his interests include playing guitar, listening to audiobooks, and reading philosophy.

Alan Chiem

UX Intern

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